Materials for gifted children

June 5, 2017


Gifted is a new website by Jack Nowee which is mainly aimed at gifted (and talented) children. Jack has transformed many of his already developed material for gifted children, such as Bloom-Gardner projects, the Thinkers Keys and the HOD spots.

But new material, such as the ‘Masterpiece projects’, can be found here as well.

Gifted can be found at


Your URLS ovvero Yurls

September 8, 2014


Astrid Hulsebosch wrote an article about Yurls for Insegnanti 2.0, an Italian blog about education and ICT.

Insegnanti 2.0 | Maestra Astrid

Additional colors for Yurls

May 29, 2014


Users of Yurls regularly ask for additional colors for their sections on Yurls. You can now choose from three new colors: pink, gray and light green. You can also use the colors in the header of your page, adjust via “Settings”.

Yurls also available in Papiamentu

May 13, 2014


Awor ‘Yurls’ ta posibel na  Papiamentu tambe!  Sygline Scheper di Dienst Openbare Scholen a sòru pa e tradukshon. Dia 12 di mei durante un workshop di MediaLab Kòrsow e a lansa  un página-Yurls, ku algun lès na Papiamentu. E  página nobo ta solamente un komienso.

E  página lo mester sirbi komo un fuente di  informashon pa maestronan di Kòrsow,  ku un dia lo traha nan propio  página Yurls, ku diferente Yurls-lès material pa kompartí  i  warda. Aña eskolar nobo Sipke Kloosterman di Yurls lo ta na  Kòrsou pa train algun maestro ku despues lo organisá  algun workshòps  di  Yurls pa otro maestronan.

Yurls is now available in Papiamentu! Sygline Scheper of the Public Schools Curacao took care of the translation. She also launched on May 12 during a workshop of MediaLab Curaçao a Yurls page, mainly with recources in Papiamentu.

The new page is just a start and will serve as a resource for teachers in Curaçao who have made a Yurls page or start making one.

New on Yurls: multiple choice questions

May 3, 2014


Yurls users can now combine video, text, and graphics with one or more multiple-choice questions. After answering the question, the student gets immediate feedback.

To add a multiple choice question to your page:

  • Log in to Yurls and click ‘new box’
  • Click  ‘multiple choice question’
  • Enter the question and answers and indicate which answer is correct
  • Confirm

(Available in Dutch, English and Papiamentu. Other languages will follow soon.)

Embed on Yurls: Thinglink, Issuu, Prezi, Slideshare and Vimeo

December 18, 2012


New opportunities Yurls to embed: Issuu, Prezi, Vimeo, Slideshare and Thinglink. How it works:

  • log into Yurls
  • click ‘new box’
  • click ’embed’
  • choose a provider and confirm

Place your own header

July 17, 2012


It is now possible to make a header to be added to Yurls. Log in to Yurls and click settings to add your own header.

A picture taken with your digital camera is often made too large and too heavy to post. In this beta version, the picture can be up to 2 MB. Open the photo in Paint or another image editing program to reduce it. The minimum width and height of the picture is 972×115 pixels.

New: Yurls sharing icon for WordPress

July 9, 2011

An article on this Yurls blog, you can easily add to your Yurls page by clicking on the Yurls icon. Do you have a blog, you can add such an icon to your blog. It goes like this:


July 1, 2011

With you can create your topic-centric media by collecting gems among relevant streams. Embed a topic on Yurls is easy. It goes like this:

  • click: new box
  • choose:
  • fill in the information of the topic like the title, the number of posts and the speed of the slider
  • confirm |

New box: Rainradar Germany

May 27, 2011

You now can add a box ‘Rainradar Germany’ to your Yurls-page. Here’s how:

  • Click ‘new box’
  • Choose ‘Weather’ in the menu on the left
  • Click ‘Rainradar Germany’
  • Confirm

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