Adding images to Yurls

March 14, 2014


The ability to add images via  URL to Yurls is extended. After adding the URL Yurls will automatically collect all the images that are available. Make your choice and go! How it works:

  • click on ‘new box’
  • click ‘image’ and select ‘From URL’
  • type or paste a URL into the appropriate field
  • click ‘load images’
  • Make your choice and confirm

Embed on Yurls: Thinglink, Issuu, Prezi, Slideshare and Vimeo

December 18, 2012


New opportunities Yurls to embed: Issuu, Prezi, Vimeo, Slideshare and Thinglink. How it works:

  • log into Yurls
  • click ‘new box’
  • click ‘embed’
  • choose a provider and confirm

Place your own header

July 17, 2012


It is now possible to make a header to be added to Yurls. Log in to Yurls and click settings to add your own header.

A picture taken with your digital camera is often made too large and too heavy to post. In this beta version, the picture can be up to 2 MB. Open the photo in Paint or another image editing program to reduce it. The minimum width and height of the picture is 972×115 pixels.

Tools for IWB

February 16, 2012

New Yurls-page in German with an overview of IWB tools, arranged by subject.

New: Yurls sharing icon for WordPress

July 9, 2011

An article on this Yurls blog, you can easily add to your Yurls page by clicking on the Yurls icon. Do you have a blog, you can add such an icon to your blog. It goes like this:


July 1, 2011

With you can create your topic-centric media by collecting gems among relevant streams. Embed a topic on Yurls is easy. It goes like this:

  • click: new box
  • choose:
  • fill in the information of the topic like the title, the number of posts and the speed of the slider
  • confirm |

New box: Rainradar Germany

May 27, 2011

You now can add a box ‘Rainradar Germany’ to your Yurls-page. Here’s how:

  • Click ‘new box’
  • Choose ‘Weather’ in the menu on the left
  • Click ‘Rainradar Germany’
  • Confirm

Yurls linkchecker extended

May 8, 2011

The link checker on Yurls you can check whether the links on your Yurl still work. Recently we extended the link checker. Not only the dead links are found, but also the links that still work, but a permanent redirect to another URL. To check these links can be useful because it is not always directed to a page or website of your choice. You can find the link checker under ‘settings’.

Link checker for all users

March 19, 2011

For users of Yurls there’s now a tool to detect dead links. How it works:

You can find the Link checker under ‘settings’. Click the link checker and order the links on your page to be checked. It takes some time before the process of link analysis has been completed, but usually within an hour you will find a list of dead links on your page. If many users simultaneously check their links it may take be a bit longer. The best you can do is to return later. If you quit Yurls, the process of link monitoring continues.

After checking the links you can customize (pencil) or remove (cross) the link.

Check the link first before you modify or delete!
After adjusting or removing, the link disappears from the list.

Not every link that is found is a dead link. If some working links ever again return to the list, then you can click the last icon. The link goes to a list of links that are excluded from the following link checks.

New on Yurls: copy a box

March 4, 2011
At the request of many users new to yurls the possibility to copy a box within your own  Yurls-page. The box can be copied to another location on your page. The original copy remains unchanged when you edit it. Copying a box like this:
Go with your mouse on the icon behind the title of the box and select box copy:


Change the title if desired and select a page and a column and click ‘confirm’.


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